Windsor Solutions uses CIMtrek to move 20 years worth of government data out of Lotus Notes.

Windsor Solutions is an IT consulting firm that provides industry-specific information systems for environmental and government agencies within the US. Their business knowledge and technical expertise allow Windsor Solutions to develop and implement solutions that address environmental and government agency-specific needs in regard to critical data points, appropriate analysis, and information sharing.

As part of a multi-year project for a US State government agency, Windsor Solutions needed to migrate data from 5 business-critical Lotus Notes applications over to Microsoft SQL Server. Each application held over 20 years worth of data for the US State agency and extracting the data accurately was critical to the success of the wider project.

After much research, Windsor Solution chose CIMtrek to manage the data migration from the 5 Lotus Notes databases. During the course of the project, Windsor Solutions needed to extract the Lotus Notes data into Microsoft SQL Server multiple times in order to perform data validation exercises on the migration process for the new application being built. So it was important that not only was the migration accurate but that the process could be repeated. 


Guy Outred - CEO of Windsor Solutions commented that “We hit a few snags due to some extreme edge-case data quality issues, but with the dedication from CIMtrek we managed to resolve these issues quickly.”

 “CIMtrek was extremely responsive and dedicated to making sure everything worked out well. Even as the project schedule was extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CIMtrek never lost focus in providing the highest level in support as we finalized the migration.” 

With the dedication of both Windsor Solutions and CIMtrek during an extremely difficult time for everyone, the migration completed successfully. The Lotus Notes data was quickly and accurately migrated over to a Microsoft SQL Server staging database which allowed Windsor Solution to then transform this data into the new application.  

Guy Outred praise CIMtrek and states that “CIMtrek's technology played a critical role in this large multi-year project for Windsor Solutions, and the level of professionalism and commitment shown by the company was second to none. If any of our future projects involved Lotus Notes data migration CIMtrek will definitely be our go-to partner”

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