CIMtrek SharePoint Migrator


Fast, Easy Lotus Notes Migration to Office 365


The issue: You want to dramatically slash the time and cost of migrating your IBM® Lotus Notes® applications to Office 365, SharePoint online and SharePoint on premise.

The solution: The CIMtrek Notes to SharePoint migration tool reduces the time it takes to lift and shift your applications and documents from Notes to SharePoint by up to 70%.

With this sophisticated migration tool, you will enjoy:

70-80% functionality right out of the box in minutes

100% data fidelity and application structure

Protection of existing Intellectual Property, quicker user acceptance and reduced retraining overheads.

Key Benefits also include:

Easy Mapping of SharePoint Target Environment/Server

  • Connects directly to your SharePoint environment from the migration tool or to a remote SharePoint environment including O365
  • Creates direct Site Collection for your target deployment
  • Creates SharePoint lists and/or Document Libraries
  • Moves attachments to Document Libraries while maintaining the original Notes structure
  • Consistent outcomes

Flexible Migration Processes

  • Full Migration – Design + Data
  • Design Elements Only
  • Data Elements Only - suitable for incremental migrations to update data. Also useful for high-volume data scenarios
  • Automatic archiving

One-Click migration in just a few minutes

  • Detailed status and error reports (if any) to simplify remedial work
  • Final deployed site link displayed on completion
  • Simply click SharePoint site link and progress to migrated site.

CIMtrek Notes migrator to SharePoint supports migration/deployment to:

  • SharePoint 2013/2016
  • SharePoint On-line
  • MS Office 365

CIMtrek migration parameters are shown in the graphic below:


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