CIMtrek Data Pump


CIMtrek Data Pump makes migration easy


The Challenge: You need to lift and shift documents and attachments from HCL Domino/Notes® to a new platform. Or perhaps you have a home-grown CRM system built in Notes and want to reuse the information in a more modern environment, such as®


The Solution: The CIMtrek Data Pump.

Our intelligent Data Pump is a powerful, user-friendly tool that dramatically reduces migration time and costs. It allows users to extract data, metadata and attachments from Notes databases (.NSF files) and build SQL databases or XML schemas, all at the touch of a button.


Choose from three options:

  1. Extract Notes metadata and attachments to automatically generate and populate a range of SQL and No-SQL databases.
  2. Use the same approach as Option 1 to generate a set of XML files for every Notes document and populate new applications without losing data or context. We can also generate XML files to a Schema of your choice for ingestion by third-party tools (such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM).
  3. Extraction of Notes attachments for storage in your preferred document repository.



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