Migrate and modernize HCL Notes with CIMtrek, SharePoint and PowerApps

Many organisations are now seeing the benefits of migrating away from HCL/Lotus Notes using the power of CIMtrek. Most like Nielsen Bainbridge simply wanted to modernise their IT infrastructure and standardised on Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint. Others are facing issues from remote workers being unable to access critical data while working from home. Whatever the reason CIMtrek has a suite of migration tools for all occasions. However, if you truly want to modernise your applications CIMtrek recommends using Power Apps by Microsoft to update your migrated applications.

Before migration – Lotus Notes Application

With CIMtrek you get a like for like, pixel-perfect migration of your Notes Applications, however, this may not be appropriate for all requirements, with the help of Power Apps you can take the migrated application and transform it into something more suitable for you future business needs while retaining all the migrated data moved over by CIMtrek.

After CIMtrek migration to Microsoft SharePoint

After your CIMtrek migration, your Lotus Notes application remain consistent with the look and feel of Lotus Notes, this is useful from a user training perspective, however, having a Lotus Notes look and feel within SharePoint may not be desirable. By taking the migrated views, and data from your Notes Application business users can design attractive new interfaces quickly and simply using the low-code platform Power Apps.

Microsoft Power Apps

If you want to learn more about how CIMtrek and Power Apps can help you modernise your legacy HCL Lotus Notes applications contact us now and book in a demo.

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