What will CIMtrek do for me?

When you want to modernise your IBM Notes/Domino infrastructure and move some or all of your applications to a new, open platform. With Cimtrek you protect the investment you have made over the years in developing Notes applications. CIMtrek ensures smooth consistent re-purposing of the applications thereby avoiding disturbance to your operations, minimising end-user training and ensuring rapid adoption of change at a significantly lower cost and higher quality. CIMtrek the ideal option for you. CIMtrek’s conversion process delivers a higher migration productivity and a more consistent quality, because the majority of the tedious, error-prone, manual and repetitive work involved in rewriting is automated, leaving little room for manual errors. In addition to converting the application, CIMtrek also opens up the data locked away in the NSF files. By taking a holistic view of the application and applying some artificial inference, we are able to break down the application into its component parts and build a new relational database on the fly. This not only opens up the data to new ways of using it, it also enables you to fully understand what you have, what’s relevant and what can be archived.