CIMtrek FAQs

What is CIMtrek?

CIMtrek is a software tool that converts legacy IBM Notes/Domino applications and executes the new application on a technology platform of your choice. CIMtrek converts virtually any .nsf application, whether it is a template based a standard application, a complex custom developed application, a doc.lib or whatever. CIMtrek converts the application to a platform of your choice; J2EE, .Net, SharePoint, O365. Deployment can be on premise or a Cloud Computing platform, or a combination of the two as required – in fact CIMtrek can convert an application to run on many different platforms if required.

What will CIMtrek do for me?

When you want to modernise your IBM Notes/Domino infrastructure and move some or all of your applications to a new, open platform. With Cimtrek you protect the investment you have made over the years in developing Notes applications. CIMtrek ensures smooth consistent re-purposing of the applications thereby avoiding disturbance to your operations, minimising end-user training and ensuring rapid adoption of change at a significantly lower cost and higher quality. CIMtrek the ideal option for you. CIMtrek’s conversion process delivers a higher migration productivity and a more consistent quality, because the majority of the tedious, error-prone, manual and repetitive work involved in rewriting is automated, leaving little room for manual errors. In addition to converting the application, CIMtrek also opens up the data locked away in the NSF files. By taking a holistic view of the application and applying some artificial inference, we are able to break down the application into its component parts and build a new relational database on the fly. This not only opens up the data to new ways of using it, it also enables you to fully understand what you have, what’s relevant and what can be archived.

How Does CIMtrek Work?

After you have installed CIMtrek on a PC, it will mine the Lotus Notes/Domino infrastructure and optionally analyse the applications it discovers, producing a report of your Domino landscape. Next you select the application you would like to migrate, select the target platform and hit the Migrate button. Within minutes you will see the migrated application on the CIMtrek Staging Post where an average of 75 to 80% is converted. This is where you can test the complete application, and modify as required. After you have tested the application you can deploy it on the production environment, and run it from there.

We have old apps. so which Notes/Domino versions are supported?

Based on extensive research and testing, we feel comfortable saying CIMtrek will migrate any NSF based applications on release 5, 6, 7 , 8 and 9 of IBM Notes/Domino software.
We do not test on pre version 5.
We also test on a wide range of browsers including Chrome, Firefox and IE9+

Do I need to have CIMtrek installed after migration?

NO – once it’s done it’s done. There is zero dependency on CIMtrek technology once the initial migration is complete. In the SharePoint and O365 world there is a tool that deploys the application and manages the ACL/Directory settings – but there use is optional, not required day to day for operational purposes and come as part of the license fee.