CIMtrek Archive Bots






Keep valuable documents and view without the application


The issue: You have a wealth of valuable data in your Notes® applications that could be lost during the modernisation or migration process. You may also need to maintain at least one Notes/Domino® server to access historical data for compliance or regulatory requirements.

The solution: CIMtrek's Notes Archiving Bots

These Bots systematically extracts data from any Notes Database and makes it available to view on a browser interface, as an XML file or SQL Database.

It mirrors the structure & document database of the Notes app, and enables the user to:

  • Select the Notes NSF file to archive (attachments, RTF’s, images, forms)
  • Select the main Notes view used to form the folder structure
  • Select which View Columns to use

This structure is then used by the Bot to re-cast the application’s views and columns as Windows desktop folders and/or SharePoint Document Libraries.

The image below shows a simple example of a Document Library.



The end folder contains an HTML or ASPX presentation* of the original form, including rich text fields and attachments just as it would appear in Notes. The output can be a desktop folder solution or an Office365 SharePoint deployment.


Additional Functionality

  • Pre-parser option to select all Notes NSF files that contain OLE documents.
  • Conversion of MS Office documents to Adobe PDF format.
  • Creation of PDF documents from MS Office format, including Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint files and Word documents
  • Additional archiving using the full application structure received with a total migration. In this case, all business logic and buttons are excluded from the process for a read-only application.

*Depending on chosen platform