10 Good Reasons For Using CIMtrek

10 Good Reasons For Using CIMtrek
  1. Comprehensive Discovery and Analysis tool enabling you to get a clear picture of your Notes estate in a matter of hours.
  2. Comprehensive Archiving option that enables you to save all of your Notes data and attachments in a readily accessible, familiar environment. Users can select an “on premise” solution or a cloud based one including Google Drive, Office 365, DropBox etc.
  3. Data extract option to enable you to move all of your Notes data, metadata and attachments to SQL so that you can repurpose the data to new, modern, platforms.
  4. Cross-Platform options – you decide where individual applications are migrated to – Cloud or “on premise” or both. Options include SharePoint Online, J2EE based platforms, Microsoft IIS.
  5. Enables users to modernize the look and fee to Web, Cloud, App Development tools, and Mobile platforms while ensuring speedy user acceptance, no loss of business continuity and minimal re-training
  6. Shortest time to cloud for legacy applications and at lowest cost – migrate in days what would take months
  7. In-Process refactoring and code migration – Notes Formulae converted to Java and C# as appropriate
  8. Use modern and familiar development tools to further enhance applications post migration. This ensures maximum flexibility and access to a wide range of development and resources
  9. No dependency on CIMtrek proprietary software components – once the migration is complete there is no further requirement to retain you Notes/Domino environment.

Minimum risk. Our approach to migration ensures that there is minimal disruption to the business and operating environment. Using the software is an Op-ex expense so no capital outlay required.

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